BrainAvatar Muse – a new tool for psychotherapy and mental health

We have been spending some time lately refining and releasing a new set
of software, designed to use the new Interaxon Muse brain-sensing headband.
This was shown at ISNR, and employs some new modeling of gamma activation
in the frontal lobes, in particular. We have published several articles and given
talks on it this year, as well. A lot of the basic information and downloadable
software is online at:

This is a heads-up that we will be deploying this new software, as well as
the Muse headbands, for applications in counseling, psychotherapy,
neuromarketing, and many other new uses, taking it beyond the traditional
scope of neurofeedback or even neuromonitoring. We will shortly put out an
announcement of our partnership with Interaxon, and how clinicians can get
involved, using Muse for office or home use, taking neuroscience into a new
generation of mental health practice.

For example, the following file contains a downloadable pdf just published in
Counseling Today, talking about how we can use frontal activation imaging in
counseling. The goal is to put this in the hands of mental health practitioners,
who can use a simple, low-cost device that can be applied in less than a
minute, and provide valid EEG data with clinical value.

Looking forward to sharing the journey,

Tom, Terri, Bill, & the team