BrainMaster receives new patent on unique QEEG-based Live Z-Score Neurofeedback

Bedford, OH

August 8, 2017

BrainMaster Technologies, Inc., an Ohio-based medical and mental health technology company, today announced that it has received its most recent in a series of patents covering its innovative hardware and software technology.  The new patent is currently in effect, and will be in effect until the year 2030.

US Patent Number 9,7066,939 has been issued as off July 18, 2017, after nearly 10 years of review by the U.S. patent office since the provisional application was filed on November 7, 2007.  During this time, while the patent was pending, the claimed technology underwent extensive review and documentation, leading the examiner to determine that the claimed methods are sufficiently nonobvious, original, and unique to merit patent recognition and protection.  The subject of the patent is “Multi-Channel, Multi-Variate Whole-Head Normalization and Optimization System Using Live Z-Scores.”  The inventors are Thomas F. Collura, William Mrklas, and Theresia Collura, from Chagrin Falls and Streetsboro, Ohio.  This patent describes a uniquely simple yet powerful way to incorporate data from a sophisticated computer analysis (Quantitative EEG or “QEEG”) into a system that modifies the brain in real-time, using proven learning methods.  The patent documents include laboratory and clinical data demonstrating the effectiveness of this method.

In the patent examination, the office cited a number of publications and prior patents by authors including the primary inventor, as well as other experts in the field.  The patent describes a method by which a complex set of brain-based measurements can be combined into a simple, intuitive training system that can be understood and used widely for brain-based neuroplasticity training.  In subsequent clinical and research reports, this method has been found effective in a wide range of scenarios, from clinical mental health to sports and optimal performance.  While other providers have implemented their own forms of similar neurofeedback protocols, BrainMaster is unique in having developed and offered this particularly simple yet encompassing method to the neurofeedback community.

The same patent has been filed in Canada, and is pending at this time.

The US patent can be accessed online at:



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